About me.

David L. Kimple is a writer and creative leader originally from Merritt Island, Florida (“Where dreams are launched!”). His full-length plays include MMF, Who is Theo?, Fabulous King, Swamp Squatch, and Sink, Florida, Sink. Select short plays include Carpe Fuckin' Diem, Carpeteria, Life. His pieces Register and Sherpa Cop were presented as part of both the New York and Los Angeles ABC Network Talent Showcases.

David's work has been developed/performed with Bristol Valley Theater, The Public Theater of San Antonio, SpeakEasy Stage Company, University of Massachusetts-Lowell, The Araca Group (Araca Project), Story People Theatre Co., New York Madness, Goldfish Memory Productions, NY International Fringe, Silver Meteor Gallery, Quince Productions (GayFest), ArtEffects Theatre Co., The Rule of 7x7, and more. 

In addition to writing, David has worked professionally with Goldfish Memory Productions, Samuel French, Inc., Classic Stage Company, Primary Stages, and more. 

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